Student Support Services & Guidance

  • Dedicated to enhancing positive communication and strong relationships between home and school; and also ensuring safe, positive schools where every students feel safe and ready to learn.

    The Student Services department manages all student registration while also serving students with disabilities and their parents, universal preschool students, homeless students, and students who need specific educational services.

    Additional information will be updated and included throughout the year. We welcome suggestions for additions to the website that would be helpful to families that we serve.

Contact Us

  • Office of Student Support Services & Guidance
    165 N. Columbus Avenue
    Mount Vernon, NY 10553
    (914) 358-2380 p
    (914) 665-5170 f

    Dr. K. Veronica Smith
    Associate Superintendent for Student Support Services & Guidance
    (914) 358-2323

    (914) 665-5176

    Denise Spruill, Secretary
    (914) 358-2314