• BEDS Reporting

    2019-2020 BEDS Information Reporting

    As we did last year, BEDS teaching data will be collected electronically through the ePMF (Electronic Personnel Master File) system for both teaching and non-teaching staff. Non‐teaching professionals include: School Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Administrators, Speech Pathologists, etc.

    BEDS – Basic Educational Data System
    PMF – Personnel Master File Data
    TAA – Teacher Access and Authorization

    Use the NYSED Teacher Access link

    to download the 2019 BEDS Assignment Codes for Teachers

    This document provides specific instruction for special situations such as co-taught classes.



    BEFORE LOGGING IN: be sure to have your login information (username and password) for the TAA system, the registration (count of students) in each of your assignments as of October 4, 2019, and the predominant grade level of the students in each class.

    1. From the District webpage, go to Staff>Professional Program Links. Select the NYSED Teacher Access link
      1. TAA
    2. Teachers/staff who already have accounts will continue to use the same information as they used last year for BEDS (username is @mtvernoncsd.org email address, password created by teacher had to have a capital letter, lower-case and symbol).
    3. Teachers/staff who have forgotten their password can click on the Forgot Password link. Passwords expire after 6 months so if you have not logged in since last year, you will have to reset your password.
    4. Teachers/staff who are not able to login with Forgot Password security questions, and their email address is correct, will require an account reset.
      1. From the TAA login page the teacher/staff selects “Reset Account.”
      2. In order to do this the teacher/staff will need to provide the last 4 digits of their SS#, date of birth, and their TEACH ID#.
      3. The TEACH ID # can be accessed by your technology link. Please email her at tizzo@mtvernoncsd.org .
    5. New teachers/staff will select the “I need to create an account” link on the login page.
      1. Enter the required information (the last 4 digits of their SS#, date of birth, Image Verification, and TEACH ID#). Review above bullet #4.3 for directions to access your TEACH ID#.
      2. Create New BEDS
      3. Once your information has been successfully verified, you will need to enter your work email address to serve as your username. A verification email will be sent to this email address. You will need to click the link sent to you in this email to create your account.
      4. When you return to the TAA login page, create a password. The password must contain a minimum of eight characters, including at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, a special character, and one number. Passwords expire every six months.
      5. Select two security questions and enter responses to each using answers you are sure to remember. Security questions are case sensitive. The security questions will be used to verify your identity if you forget your password. It is a good idea to store your answers to the security questions in a secure place. If you forget your password and security question answers your account will need to be reset. NYSED cannot assist with password and security question recovery.
    6. Select the blue link for “Your ePMF for MT VERNON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT”
    7. You should now see the screen below:
      1. BEDS Info Page
    8. The preprinted data in the Personnel Master File reflects data in TEACH system. To make corrections in these sections please contact fill out the form at:


    1. To add your location select from the drop down. If you work in more than one school, select multiple locations, the district code will be your location code.
    2. To add Assignments, select the green “Add Assignment” link at the bottom of the page. A box will open displaying the first page of assignment codes. Enter the 4 digit BEDS course code from the Fall 2019 Assignment Codes for Teacherslist, which is provided above. The search box will autofill once you start typing.
      1. Kindergarten, Common Branch, and other teachers who spend the entire day with the same class will complete only the first assignment block.
      2. Elementary and Secondary school teachers who have different classes throughout the dayshould complete one assignment block for each class they teach to a different group of students, and for each different course they teach to the same group.
      3. Laboratory classesoffered in conjunction with science courses should not be reported if the lecture and lab are taught to the same group of students by the same teacher. In the event that labs and lectures are taught by different teachers, each teacher should report the class separately using the same assignment code, with one teacher reflecting the lectures and one teacher reflecting the labs.
      4. ForCotaught classesthe General Education teacher uses the codes for General Education classes. The Special Education teacher uses the code for Consultant Teacher 7731 (K – 6) or 7732 (Middle/Secondary) for the same class of students.
      5. If you are teaching a secondary level Special Education Department classand are certified in that subject area use a code from the MiddleSecondary Gr 712 Special Classes
      6. All Elementary Librariansshould use code 7412select the appropriate grade level, and LEAVE REGISTRATION BLANK. All Secondary Librarians should use code 7412, select the appropriate grade level or mixed grade level, and LEAVE REGISTRATION BLANK.
      7. All AIS teachersshould use the codes in the Academic Intervention for AtRisk Students (AIS)
      8. AVID elective teachers should use code 7116 Study Skills.
      9. Speech teacherswho work with general education students (Pushin or Pullout) should use code 3155: Corrective (not Special Education).
        • Speech teachers who work with Special Education students (Pushin or Pullout) should use code 7755: Education of the Speech or Language Impaired.
        • Speech Therapists or Speech Pathologists are considered non‐teaching professionals and just need to verify data.
      10. Remember that the general rule is to complete one assignment block for each class taught on BEDS day, October 4.
    3. For the assignment you are recording, enter the predominant grade level of the students.
      1. If 75% or more of the students in your class are in any one grade, please enter that grade.
      2. If less than 75% of the students are from any one grade, enter an “E” for “Mixed Elementary,”
        an “M” for “Mixed Middle,” or an “S” for “Mixed Secondary” grades.
      3. “E,” “M ”and” S” represent “Mixed” elementary, middle, and secondary grades, respectively.
    4. Under “Registration,” record the number of students in the particular class or assignment reported.
      1. Teachers of half‐ and quarter‐year courses should only report the number of students they are currently teaching (on BEDS Day) and should not report second semester or second/third/fourth quarter classes.
      2. Teachers should not combine classes and student registration numbers. Report each class separately showing the appropriate number of students for each class.
    5. When you have finished verifying your information and/or entering your assignment information, select “SUBMIT.”
      1. You will be able to log back in to TAA to update/revise your data until you click “SUBMIT.”
      2. Once you click SUBMIT, you can no longer make changes to your document!!