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  • Welcome to the Business and Administration Office of the Mount Vernon City School District. The Business and Administration Office oversees all non-instructional operations and facilities. The Office Leadership Team is led by Assistant Superintendent for Business Ken Silver.

    We pride ourselves on the smooth facilitation and fiscal soundness of the District. Our commitment to excellence and equity extends to everything we manage, including the District's 16 school buildings, Central Office, finances, food services, security, and transportation.

    This Office is responsible for all facets of sound financial management, maintenance of liability insurance, compliance with State reporting requirements, payroll, accounting tasks (including preparation for the annual independent audit), and purchasing. Additionally, the Department prepares the annual budget for review by the Superintendent and Board of Education, and presents monthly financial reports at the Board's public meetings.

    Although much of what we do is often not seen, we understand that it impacts students directly and we pride ourselves on optimizing our resources to ensure that our students access state of the art materials and learning spaces. We are very proud of the Energy Performance Contract which was brought to Mount Vernon CSD in the last few years. It celebrates forward thinking, a commitment to the environment, innovative learning spaces and our financial health.

    Within the past several years, the new administration has vastly improved the District's financial management and has been noted for its sound fiscal practices. The District has not had to borrow in 7 years and has managed to present a 0% tax levy increase for 6 of the last 7 years. This is in part because of its conservative and strategic approach to developing and managing its operating budget. We are very proud to have presented, passed, and successfully overseen a 108-million-dollar of capital bond. This capital bond included projects which materially improved the conditions and functionality of our schools to ensure students are learning in spaces which reflect our commitment to excellence.

    The Office remains committed to ensuring that our revenues and other resources are used in the most effective ways possible to support an equitable, excellent, innovative and inclusive, high-quality education for all in the Mount Vernon CSD.

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  • Ken Silver
    Assistant Superintendent for Business

    Eman Moselhi
    Assistant Business Manager

    District Treasurer

    Patsy Di Leo
    Budget District Grant Analyst

    Linda Henderson
    Business Office Administrator

    Danielle Godfrey
    Purchasing Agent