• P.B.I.S. which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and

    Supports. P.B.I.S. will help provide Parker with another tool to

    effect positive change in the behavior of our students.

    P.B.I.S. will help all staff members to

    recognize and award students for positive behavior and good


    P.B.I.S.'s purpose is to establish clear expectations and

    encourage a sense of community in which we all, both staff and

    students, play a positive role in our school's success and safety. 

    We here at Parker pride ourselves on following the PAWS motto:

    P- Practice Respect 

    A- Act Responsibly  

    W- Work Together   

    S- Stay Safe             

    We believe that by helping students engage in positive behavior,

    we will form not only a school, but also a community where all

    students will be given the opportunity to grow and be successful. 

    So, if your scholar comes home and said they received a PAW

    print it means that they did a good job and were rewarded for

    their positive attitude.