Welcome to Sixth Grade!

  • Shane Davanzo (sdavanzo@mtvernoncsd.org)                 

    Tisha Murray-George (tmurray@mtvernoncsd.org)

    As 6th graders here at Traphagen you will be provided with an opportunity to showcase what you learned in the previous years as well as teach others in school as you demonstrate what it means to be a STAR student.  You will be responsible for helping students in lower grades, assisting other teachers in the building, showcasing respectful behavior, and even taking care of live animals!
    Our ELA program, Collections, creates thoughtful, passionate readers in the classroom by immersing students in a variety of texts.  Sixth graders will interact with different types of content to prepare them for analytical essays, narrative nonfiction, and multimedia presentations, among other writing tasks.  
    In math we will build on the skills you learned in 5th grade and take them to another level.  You’ll learn how to find the distance between two points using absolute value, how to create statistical questions, and you’ll know fractions inside and out.  The enVisions math program addresses all standards through problem solving, interactive experiences, and visual learning. 
    Students will also travel back in time to learn the stories of our past with an integrated print and digital World History curriculum.  The year opens with Paleolithic hunters and gatherers before seamlessly moving through time as ancient civilizations progress.  Students will make connections throughout the year to the contributions of the past like the Mesopotamians' cuneiform system of writing or the Athenians' creation of democracy.  
    6th grade will be an unforgettable year thanks to the memories we’re going to create.  Come ready to learn, ask questions, make lifelong friends, and have fun!
Sixth Grade