Welcome to Fifth Grade!

  • Sally Manganiello (smanganiello@mtvernoncsd.org)                 

    Tiffany Morris (tmorris@mtvernoncsd.org)

    In fifth grade we strive to provide an environment that motivates students to achieve their highest potential. 

    The implementation of the NYS Common Core Learning Standards will be achieved through ELA Modules, Envisions Math, Harcourt Science, & McGraw-Hill Social Studies.

    By the end of fifth grade we expect your child to:

    • Be able to read and concentrate for long periods of time
    • Read complex texts fluently with good comprehension
    • Research a topic using a variety of sources
    • Use problem solving strategies to solve real – world math problems
    • Number and operations in Base Ten- understanding place value with decimals to hundredths
    • Add and subtract fractions and decimals
    • Multiply and divide fractions and decimals
    • Use long division to divide large numbers by multi-digit numbers
    • Measurement & Data; understanding volume
    • Organize and classify ideas and objects
    • Think critically and logically to make the relationships between evidence and explanations
    • Design and conduct an scientific investigation
    • Geography of the United States and Canada
    • The United States and Canada, Past to present
    • History and Culture of Latin America

    Students will work to develop an understanding of math and engage in activities that require complex thought instead of just memorizing rules. Students will work in groups to find solutions and explain their thought processes.

    We look forward to a fantastic year with your children! A strong partnership between families and educators provides a lifelong foundation for student success.

5th Grade