Welcome to Fourth Grade!

  • Lisa DeSalvo (ldesalvo-porcello@mtvernoncsd.org)                 

    Christine White (cwhite1@mtvernoncsd.org)

    Fourth grade is an exciting grade at Traphagen! We learn lots of interesting things! In Math, we navigate through the EngageNY Modules sharpening our skills in a variety of math concepts: place value, measurement, fractions, decimals, multiplication and division! Fourth graders will be solving division problems with four digit dividends before the end of the year! Fourth grade teachers will teach all about adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions too! In ELA, students focus on becoming better readers and writers while interacting with challenging and complex texts also from the EngageNY modules! Texts will be related to the fascinating lives of Native Americans and Colonists.

4th Grade