2nd welcome


     Second graders want to read, listen to, and talk about a wide range of books including chapter books, informational books, and poems. These students expect what they read to make sense. They absorb language and ideas as they read. At this stage, they are skillful and confident in using word attack skills to make predictions about words and meaning. They are beginning to read silently for extended periods of time.

    2nd Grade students will take different types of assessments including Domain, Skill, Sight Word/ Tricky Word, and Baseline and Summative Assessments.  We will also take iReady tests on the computer and student progress will be monitored throughout the year.  Students will also participate in instructional lessons on the computer that target their areas of need



    2nd Graders will be taught a variety of strategies to add and subtract numbers.  These strategies include creating number bonds, using the arrow method, and relating math drawings to algorithms.  We will also compare numbers and use a place value chart and number discs to solve problems.  Assessments will be given and student progress will be monitored throughout the year.  The students will also participate in iReady Assessments and instructional lessons on the computer.


    Social Studies

    The 2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum focuses on communities identifying the influence of culture and exploring change over time.  We will study different Native American groups and recognize how they influenced society.  Immigration and citizenship will also be studied focusing on the various roles and responsibilities of citizens in society.  The students will have many opportunities to become involved in activities and projects that will enhance their knowledge and understanding of social studies.



    The 2nd Grade Science Curriculum will explore Living Things, The Earth’s Surface, Space and Weather, Matter, and Energy in Motion.  They will use the scientific method and hands on activities to expand their knowledge of science.


    2nd Grade is a time to discover, explore, and learn


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