• The Columbus Schools Arts program provides all of our children with positive and memorable experiences.  I look forward to creating pathways in which students actively engage as observer, creators, and critical evaluators. Diverse, challenging, and imaginative art experiences develp students physically, interllectually, and emotionally.  My goal us for styudents to develop a lifelong appreciation of the Arts.  Students get to work with many different mediums thriughtout the year.  crayons, markers, oil pastels, watercolors, tempera paint, papier mache, yarn and several other age appropriate mediums.  We study the elements and principles of Art and look at famous artists and their artwork, as well as different cultures through art.  Students explore expression of their ideas in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, and work on developing and artist vocabulary was well as techniques while they create works based on master artists and art movements.


    Elements of Art Vocabulary:

    line, shape, color, form, value, space, texture

    Principles of Art Vocabulary:

    Balance, Pattern, Rhythm, Harmony, Variety, Emphasis, Unity