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Operations and Accountability

The Department of Operations and Accountability ensures that the District is operating correctly and is being held accountable in all of its decisions. Buildings and grounds, safety and security, capital projects, communications, Timepiece and transportation all fall under the purview of Operations and Accountability.

One key goal of the department is to lower costs of operations and find ways to make more fiscally responsible decisions that help the entire District.  The department manages capital projects and conducts risk assessments for the District.

The Associate Superintendent of Operations and Accountability is the liaison between the city and the District and attends committee meetings, planning meetings, zoning meetings and works to strengthen the partnership between the District and the City of Mount Vernon.

Contact Info

Mark Raimondi  Associate Superintendent for Operations and Accountability (914) 665-5189 

Sharece Bailey 
Inventory Control Specialist‎
(914) 665-5196

Patrica McElveen 
Senior Typist
(914) 665-5189

Earline Robinson  Clerk (914) 358-2376