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The Mount Vernon City School District is seeking applicants interested in serving as substitute teachers.

Applicants must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in order to work the maximum of 40 days.
Preference will be given to applicants who possess a current a NY State Teacher certification.  

Rate of Pay
The daily rate of pay for Certified and Uncertified Substitute Teachers, shall be $175.00 per day.

The substitute daily rate of pay for Mount Vernon City School District retired teachers and teachers who are on a Mount Vernon City School District Preferred Eligibility List, the daily rate of BA, Step 1 shall be $279.06 per day.

Please click here to apply online at TalentEd.  No emails will be accepted.  Review of applications begins immediately and shall continue on an ongoing basis.

Locating Available Jobs
The Mount Vernon City School District is using an automated service that greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of finding and managing substitute jobs in this district. This service, called Aesop, utilizes both the telephone and the Internet to assist you in locating jobs in this school district. The Aesop system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Contact Info

Office of Human Resources
165 North Columbus Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10553
Phone:  (914) 358-2350
Fax:   (914) 665-5596

Mr. Noel Campbell
Assistant Superintendent
for Human Resources

Ms. Jessica Graves
Commissioner for Human Resources

Ms. Lisa Thorpe-Fraley
Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources

Ms. Tonya Bagby

 Ms. Kinverling Molina-Saenz
Senior Clerk

Mrs. Beverly P. Morris
Senior Stenographer

Ms. Sheila Solomon
Data Processing Supervisor

Mr. Jonathan Walters
Personnel Associate