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Dignity for All Students (DASA)

If bullying is occurring in the school, on school grounds, or during a school event/activity off school grounds, New York State Law requires each district to have a policy and procedures in place for the concerned person(s) to make a report of the bullying, as follows:

  • Identify an administrative designee to receive reports of harassment, bullying, and discrimination (ex., the DASA Coordinator);
  • Enable students, family members, and others to make an oral or written report to school personnel;
  • Require school employees to notify an administrator or designee (g., DASA Coordinator) within one school day of witnessing or receiving a report of harassment, bullying, or discrimination, and to file a written report no later than two school days after such oral report/notification;
  • Require administrators or a designee (ex., DASA Coordinator) to lead a thorough investigation of all reports of harassment, bullying, and discrimination that is completed promptly after the receipt of any written report and is recorded [in Part II of the DASA Incident Reporting Form];
  • Upon verification of harassing, bullying, and/or discriminatory behavior, require the school to take prompt action(s) reasonably calculated to end harassment, bullying and discrimination, to eliminate any hostile environment, prevent recurrence of the behavior, and to ensure the safety of the student(s) against whom harassment, bullying or discrimination was directed;
  • Prohibit retaliation against any individual who reports or assists in the investigation of harassment, bullying, or discrimination;
  • Develop a school strategy to prevent harassment, bullying, and discrimination;
  • Require school leaders to make a regular report to the superintendent regarding data and trends related to harassment, bullying, and discrimination;
  • Require school administrators or designee(s) to promptly notify local law enforcement officials of harassment, bullying and/or discrimination when required to do so;
  • Require that all school employees, students, and parents receive a copy of the district’s policies, including the process for reporting harassment, bullying, and discrimination, at least annually;
  • Ensure that a current version of the district’s policies and procedures, including an incident report form, are maintained on the district’s website.

Please contact the school/district office and follow the procedures the district and school have in place for reporting incidents that occur on school/district grounds.

Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Reporting Form

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