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Code of Conduct

The Mount Vernon Board of Education ("Board") is committed to providing a safe, supportive and orderly school environment where students may receive and district personnel may deliver quality educational services without disruption or interference and creating an atmosphere that demonstrates, undertakes and promotes respect of the diverse cultures and linguistic groups that forms our schools and community. Responsible behavior by students, teachers, district personnel, parents and other visitors is essential to achieving this goal. These expectations are based on the principles of civility, mutual respect, citizenship, character, tolerance, honesty, and integrity. This Code provides a legal and procedural framework for supporting a civil, safe and positive school climate and guides decisions regarding inappropriate behavior or misconduct.

The Code of Conduct was developed to comply with the mandated Project SAVE legislation and has now been revised to comply with the new Dignity for all Students Act (“DASA”); we should all be aware of its important components. It was developed by community members and has been endorsed by staff, parent teacher organizations, student government leaders, and the Board of Education.

This Board recognizes the need to clearly define these expectations for acceptable conduct on school property, to identify the possible consequences of unacceptable conduct, and to ensure that discipline when necessary is administered promptly and fairly. (Board Policy #7310)

Unless otherwise indicated, this Code applies to all students, school personnel, parents, and other visitors when on school property or attending a school function in the Mount Vernon City School District, or acting under circumstances that have a direct effect on our District. (Board Policy #3410) Clearly, some rules and regulations are more appropriate for students at the secondary level that at the elementary level. It should be noted by students and parents that each school principal can develop rules, regulations and procedures in addition to those found in the Code of Conduct if such rules, regulations and procedures will meet specific building needs and if those rules do not conflict with those found in this document or with state, federal or education law.

Code of Conduct

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