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The mission of the Mount Vernon City School District’s School Counseling Department is to provide students with personalized guidance services in the areas of academic achievement and personal and social development. Our program places a strong emphasis on early college and career awareness ensuring that all students have an exceptional educational experience.

The vision of the Mount Vernon City School District’s School Counseling Department is students in the Mount Vernon City School District will be recognized as model citizens equipped with the necessary skills to compete in a global society. 

Contact  Lori Perriello, senior clerk/records access officer to receive transcripts:  or (914) 665-5866

Course Catalog

School Counselors

Benjamin Turner Middle School
Donna Smith
(914) 665-5822

Cecil H. Parker School
Nikia Jones
(914) 665-5385

Denzel Washington School of the Arts
Diane Nero
(914) 358-2407

Denzel Washington School of the Arts
Gabriella Suarez
(914) 358-2783

Graham School
John Cucurullo
(914) 665-5228

Grimes School
Dara Smalls 
(914) 358-2576

Hamilton School
Yesenia Avenaut-Defreitas
(914) 358-2886

Lincoln School
Erica Glushakov
(914) 665-2892

Mount Vernon High School
Nina Capitelli
(914) 358-2872

Mount Vernon High School
Jasmine Criss
(914) 358-2533

Mount Vernon High School
Falliemarie Caldwell
(914) 358-6205

Mount Vernon High School
Takisha Sales
(914) 358-2366

Mount Vernon High School
Lolita Greene
(914) 358-2490

Mount Vernon High School
Princess Fuller
(914) 358-2487

Mount Vernon High School
Peggy Williams
(914) 665-5254

Mount Vernon Honor Academy
Tara Lattimer-Wilson
(914) 358-2884

Mount Vernon Leadership Academy
Evelyn Padilla
(914) 358-2796

Mount Vernon STEAM Academy
Iris Pogue
(914) 358-2770

Mount Vernon STEAM Academy
Sabrina Payne
(914) 358-2715

Mount Vernon STEAM Academy
Angella Davis-Bidonne
(914) 358-2768

Mount Vernon STEAM Academy
Toni-Ann Trombetta
(914) 358-5254 

Nelson Mandela/Dr. Hosea Zollicoffer School
Jonathan Bagwell
(914) 358-2438

Pennington School
Bianca Gentile
(914) 665-5256

Rebecca Turner Academy
Kibret Moo Young
(914) 358-2744

Substance Abuse Counselor
Maxine Cole-Wiltshire
(914) 258-2471

Rebecca Turner Academy, Homeschool, & Out-of-District
Jennifer Goire-Peralta
(914) 358-2853

Traphagen School 
Stephanie Martino
(914) 665-7564

Williams School 
Jason Jenkins
(914) 358-2898


Contact Info

Office of Pupil Personnel Services
165 N. Columbus Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10553
P: (914) 358-2380
F: (914) 665-5170

Dr. Marie Gaboton-Swift
Acting Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

Denise Ramirez
(914) 358-2581