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College and Career Ready

Through partnerships with Concordia College, Lehman College and Mercy University, the Mount Vernon City School District engages students in programs that ready them for college and beyond:

The Smart Scholar - Early College High School Program was designed to increase high school graduation and postsecondary degree completion rates among historically underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged students. Beginning July 2020, the Mount Vernon City School District began a cohort of 125 incoming ninth grade students. Those students who successfully completed the recruitment and admission process will begin receiving academic and socio-emotional supports that will address the students’ needs and begin to prepare them for their inevitable college experience via a summer bridge program. 

  • Smart Scholar Program Partner – Concordia College (Mount Vernon STEAM Academy) 
  • Smart Scholar Program Partner – Mercy University (Mount Vernon High School) 
  • Smart Scholar Program Partner – Mercy University (Mount Vernon High School) 

The Mount Vernon Pipeline to College Partnership Program (PCOPP) in conjunction with Lehman College was designed to serve more than 100 high school students from the district. These students would attend classes at Lehman College focusing on STEM to support the development of Mount Vernon mathematics and science teachers who will strengthen teaching and learning in mathematics and science within MV middle and high schools. 

  • Pipeline to College Partnership Program Partner – Lehman College (Mount Vernon STEAM Academy) 

Contact Info

Dr. Jamal Doggett
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Administration