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AVID – Advancement Via Individual Determination – is a rigorous academic program aimed at closing opportunity gaps and preparing all students for college, careers and success in a global society. It is offered as an elective class that students can take as they enter high school. 

The goal is for AVID students to be supported academically and emotionally on their journey from high school to college. By establishing a framework and culture of college readiness, the program accelerates underachieving students into more rigorous courses, creates a positive peer group for students and provides intensive support with in-class tutorials and strong student-teacher relationships. 

93% of middle school students report that their goal is to attend college. However, only 44% enroll in college, and only 26% graduate with a college diploma within six years of enrolling (Conley, 2012a; Conley, 2012b).  In the workplace, 85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs require some or more college or post-secondary education.

Roughly half of the students who enter a 4-year school will receive a bachelor’s degree within 6 years.

How AVID Works:

  • Teaches academic skills and behaviors not targeted in other classes
  • Provides intensive support with in-class tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships
  • Accelerates underachieving students into more rigorous courses
  • Creates a positive peer group for students
  • Develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination
  • Establishes a schoolwide structure focusing on college readiness and college success

The AVID College Readiness System:

  • Provides a schoolwide system to impact all students
  • Raises student achievement
  • Transforms a school’s culture to a college readiness culture
  • Closes the achievement gap
  • Increases the number of students enrolled in higher-level courses (Pre-AP and AP)


Contact Info

Dr. Beverley A. Jones
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and School Improvement

Dr. Jamal Doggett
Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Curriculum and Instruction and Administration