Welcome to Art

  • In our art program at Traphagen our vision is to inspire students to incorporate art into their daily lives by engaging them in meaningful experiences with art through creating, exploring, reflecting, and making connections. All of our work is aligned with the New York State Common Core Standards with a focus on learning the Principles and Elements of Art and exposure to various materials used to create art.

    This year we are focusing on themes for the upper levels:

    7th grade will be focusing on art that sends a message, inspires and motivates through design.  The first half of the year we will be looking at school/community-based art and creating murals and the second half of the year will focus on art that can be worn. 

    6th grade will be focusing on architecture as from around the world and through history.  We will look at how history,environment, and culture shaped architecture.  We will look at architecture as a career and where the future of architecture will take us.

    5th grade will be focusing on the world of animation.  We will examine the history of animation and explore each stage culminating in creating our own short stop-motion film.  We will also look at the different careers involved in animation.