Welcome to Music

  • Grade Level Curriculum in the General Music Class

    Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade One provide the developmental opportunity for students to learn to play classroom percussion instruments in school. The Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Grade One student have the opportunity to play classroom percussion instruments (including hand drums, triangles, tambourines, maracas, rhythm sticks, cymbals, hand bells, xylophones, resonator bells, metallophones, glockenspiels, and non-traditional hand-held percussion instruments. This exposure to a wide variety of hand-held percussion instruments sets the foundation for developing an appreciation for and understanding of music and music literacy.

    In Grade Two students continue exposure and use of classroom percussion, however, Grade Two students primarily learn folk songs, chants, and singing games. The instructional method used includes solfege (singing syllables with hand symbols) as one of its main tools to develop the inner ear and sets the stage for pre-literacy.

    Third Grade - Recorder Class

    Beginning in Third Grade, students purchase two recorders: one for home, and a second recorder that stays at school. In this way, students never have to worry about bringing their recorder to and from school on music days, and have a recorder at home for weekly practice.

     Fourth Grade provides the opportunity for students to further develop their music skills in an instructional setting. Each year our 4th grade students participate in the Link Up Program through the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall. Students receive their very own new recorder, a student workbook of recorder pieces, listening exercises, music theory, composer histories, and songs to sing, as well as a ticket to a concert at the end of the school year.

     Fifth and Sixth Grade Music Classes provide opportunities for students to expand their general knowledge of the various genres of music, as well as, develop music literacy. Students gain familiarity with using music materials and resources, and begin to understand the elements of music through musical drama and ensemble work. Specifically, in Fifth Grade, students work on a two semester - long historical musical drama, which culminates in a performance which is filmed at a professional television station in Mt. Vernon High School.

     In Grade Six, music class is performance based, as students express their musical ideas through composition and improvisation using classroom instruments. Additionally, students listen to musical examples and respond to and analyze musical works of art. In so doing, students develop an awareness of relevant topics in music history and how music has shaped our culture and times.