School Counselor

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    David W. Strauss, M.S.Ed.
    Elementary School Counselor
  • Elementary Guidance
    Mr. Strauss has been a professional school counselor, working with elementary school students for well over a decade. He has dedicated his career to helping students achieve academic success, while also helping all students to function at the highest level both emotionally and socially.  Mr. Strauss is a native of New York, born in Queens, and has worked with a diverse student population throughout his career. 

    Mr. Strauss is an honors graduate of Long Island University and is NYS certified in school counseling (PreK-12) and holds an M.S. Ed. in counseling.

     clip                                                                                                                                     Why Elementary School Counselors?
    Elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for children to become healthy, competent and confident learners. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, school counselors work as a team with the school staff, parents and the community to create a caring climate and atmosphere. By providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, school counselors can help all children achieve academic success. The elementary school counselor holds a master’s degree and required state certification in school counseling. Maintaining certification includes on-going professional development to stay current with education reform and challenges facing today’s students. Professional association membership enhances the school counselor’s knowledge and effectiveness.

    In my role, I conduct the following:

    • Classroom lessons (Developmental Guidance; Child Abduction Prevention; Dialetical Behavior Therapy)
    • Facilitate short-term small group counseling (i.e. – ANDRUS; Young Men’s Club)
    • Team member: RTI, PBIS, Safety Team, PLC
    • Provide immediate and short-term individual counseling
    • Collaborate with faculty and staff
    • Improve and help develop students’ self-esteem, inter-personal skills, academics and organizational/study skills as well as peer relationships
    • Student goal setting and decision making skills
    • College & Career exploration and planning (i.e. – K2C/C2K & Career Day)
    • Communication, problem-solving and conflict-resolution
    • Multicultural/diversity awareness
    • Elementary to middle school transition
    • Parent/Guardian consultation & collaboration
    • Parent workshops (i.e. – Parent University/PTA)
    • Provide information and/or referrals for community resources to families
    • Implementation of various programs (i.e. – Career Day; Pedestrian Safety; Safety Patrol; “Young Men’s Club”) etc.


    Please contact me if you have any concerns about your child regarding:

    • Family changes (moving, illness, death, divorce/separation).
    • Sudden changes in classroom performance
    • Sudden changes in behavior at school or at home
    • Peer relationships
    • Self-concept


    Contact Information:

    Mr. David W. Strauss, M.S.Ed.
    Office – Room 113
    (914) 358-2898

    Teamwork makes the dream work!