• Mount Vernon’s Instructional Technology Professional Development & Coaching Staff


    The Lower Hudson Regional Information Center’s Instructional Technology department is honored to provide professional development and coaching to teachers and administrators. Our team consists of classroom teachers who collectively bring over 25 years of teaching expertise in instructional technology. Some of our team members will work in the district every week, while others have a specific number of days to complete a technology initiative. Our goal is to provide quality professional development and coaching for teachers in technology that aligns with NYS/ISTE standards and emphasizes student-centered learning, choice and creativity.

    All team members report directly to the district’s Director of Technology and Mary Lynn Collins-Callanan, Manager of Instructional Technology at the LHRIC.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact the District’s Technology Office or one of our LHRIC team members.

  • Mae Isaac
    Technology Support Specialist

    Mae is a Technology Support Specialist on the Instructional Technology team at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) in Harrison, New York. Her work focuses on supporting teachers with the integration of technology into their classroom. While helping educators find engaging ways to incorporate technology into their teaching, she supports the how-to as well as the why. She works closely with the LINKS and other members of the technology team to provide timely support for applications such as Office 365, Schoology, Nearpod and many other products.  She is a huge fan of OneNote!

    Technology Support
    : LINKS coordination, Schoology, Office 365, Nearpod

    Days On-site:
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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  • Randy Hall
    Senior Facilitator

    Randy is a Senior Facilitator on the Instructional Technology team at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) in Harrison, NY. As a Senior Facilitator, his work focuses on active learning environments and strategies, online and blended learning approaches using learning management systems, building relationships with other New York State agencies and vendors, and designing and delivering professional learning programs and services for schools and districts in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties.

    Technology Support: Schoology, MVU, and MV Instructional Technology Team

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  • Susan West
    Instructional Technology Consultant

    Susan West is an Instructional Technology Consultant specializing in seamlessly integrating the Smart Learning Suite/Lumio, and Dell Board into the K-12 curriculum. Susan has completed a Masters in the Application and Development of Educational Models (ADEM) from Queens College, a professional certification in School Administration from Dowling College, and 40 years teaching experience. Following her retirement from Uniondale Schools, as a teacher of the gifted for 24 years, and 12 years as the district professional developer in technology, Susan was awarded the Vanguard Educator of Excellence award. Post retirement, Susan has continued to embrace new technologies as a technology professional developer for Renzulli Learning, Nassau BOCES, and presently as a part-time consultant for LHRIC, providing interactive monitor training and support for the Learning.com digital literacy program to the teachers and staff of the Mt Vernon schools.

    Technology Support: Interactive Boards, Lumio, and Learning.com

  • Sean Rowan
    Senior Facilitator

    Sean joined the LHRIC in 2015. She has expertise in providing digital and print curriculum solutions in school districts throughout the Northeast. She’sworked hand in hand with classroom teachers, principals, department chairs, instructional leaders and superintendents implementing district and state objectives. Utilizing her experiences as a classroom teacher, Sean will support the Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd grades with their instructional goals and supporting them with integration of iPads and laptops into the classroom instruction. Sean holds a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Mercy College.

    Technology Support: Cubetto, iPads, Waterford Reading Academy, Seesaw, Nearpod, iReady, Lexia, Achieve, Schoology, Office 365

    Days On-site: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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  • Dana Unger
    Instructional Technology Consultant

    Dana Unger Dana Unger is an instructional technology consultant with over 20 years’ experience leading workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions across the tri-state area and   beyond. Her main objective is to help teachers achieve the next level in their learning and she focuses on keeping things fun along the journey. Dana spent several years   consulting in the Yonkers school district, leads PD sessions for Learning.com, CoderZ, and Schoology and is a Microsoft in Education certified trainer. Dana holds an MA in   Communication, Computing, Technology and Education and an Ed. M. in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She has been happily working with   LHRIC for the past 5 years, supporting the team on a variety of projects.

     Technology Support: Schoology, Nearpod, Learning.com, Office 365, Kami, Edpuzzle and more

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  • Caroline Calabrese
    Senior Facilitator

    Caroline has been involved in the field of education for close to 25 years and with the LHRIC since 1998. Her passion began while observing young children learning in a preschool classroom. That led to seeking a degree in Cognitive Science to study everything biological, psychological, linguistic, and philosophical about learning. After working in a school environment and the corporate environment for Jostens Learning, she found her niche at the LHRIC, where she’s been for over 20 years. Currently her work at the LHRIC takes her to many districts in the tri-county region as they implement Waterford reading, math and science in their K-3 classrooms and Assessment systems district-wide. Caroline holds a Bachelors in Cognitive Science from Vassar College and a masters in Computers in Education from Teachers College.

    Technology Support: Waterford Early Learning