• Library Policies

    • Until further notice, masks must be worn in the library.
    • Space markers must be respected, and social distance must be maintained.
    • Students are welcome to use the library during their free time as long as they do not disturb other students.
    • Students must show a pass from their teacher if they are not in class.
    • No eating or gaming permitted.
    • No inappropriate or offensive language.
    • Students who disrupt the atmosphere will be asked to leave the library.

    Books      books

    • Ask the librarian if you need help choosing or finding a book.
    • Computer to access the library catalog is located at the circulation desk under the yellow flag.
    • Bring your book to the circulation desk at the center of the library for check out.
    • You may borrow a book for 3 weeks, but books can be renewed upon request.
    • EBooks are available through Sora in the Student Classlink portal.

    Computers  computer

    • Students may use the computers during free periods depending on availability.
    • Students may not change the default settings on any school computer.
    • Students must comply with the district's Acceptable Use Policy.
    • Treat all equipment with respect.

    Please be Considerate

     See you soon