Thonyisha Nichols, MVHS



Degrees and Certifications:

Thonyisha Nichols, MVHS

What are your post-graduate plans (i.e., college, workforce, etc.)?
My post-graduate plans are to attend the University at Buffalo. I’m not exactly sure of my major right now but I hope to obtain my bachelor’s and then master’s degree. My original plan was to become a psychiatrist but I’ve actually made that a back up plan to becoming a gynecologist.

Which Mount Vernon schoolteacher has influenced you the most, and why?
I’d say Douglass Marolla, a.k.a Doug E. Fresh, has influenced me the most. I say this because his Presentational Speaking class showed new views on so many different topics, even the most controversial ones. Mr. Marolla, himself, is an amazing person to challenge your thinking and your mind and I thank him for that.

What is your favorite memory from your senior year?
My favorite memory from my senior year would probably be when I took my senior pictures. It really sunk in that I was about to graduate high school during that time.

If you could tell your freshman self-one thing, what would it be?
If I could tell my freshman self one thing, I’d tell her to not let anyone change who she is. I’d tell her to not let anyone influence her and for her to stay true to who she is.

How would you describe the Class of 2020?
I would describe the Class of 2020 as strong and hardworking. We’ve come up on a few troubles but we’re working past them and we’ll accomplish so much in the future.