Tianna Beckford, Thornton



Degrees and Certifications:

Tianna Beckford, Thornton

What are your post-graduate plans (i.e., college, workforce, etc.)?
My post-graduate plans are to start attending Pratt Institute in the fall and work on opening my own online business selling my art pieces. 

Which Mount Vernon schoolteacher has influenced you the most, and why?
The teacher that has influenced me the most was my 10th-grade Honors English teacher Mrs. Brown. Once she learned about my passion to write stories, she encouraged me to pursue it and was even interested in reading them. It really inspired me to think more about being creative with my writing in the future.

What is your favorite memory from your senior year?
My favorite memory from my senior year was the day I received my acceptance letter to the honor program. It definitely made me feel like all of my efforts were finally being recognized and I felt very accomplished and proud of myself in that moment.

If you could tell your freshman self-one thing, what would it be?
I would tell her not to stress so much about others, and to just focus on herself because she’s going to be a successful and talented woman.

How would you describe the Class of 2020?
I would describe the Class of 2020 to be a goofy-yet-resilient bunch. We didn’t get to have a senior year like we wanted but we didn’t let that get our hopes down. We take each day during this tumultuous time in stride and I don’t believe any other class before us would’ve handled it as well as we have.