Sashelle Briscoe, MVHS



Degrees and Certifications:

Sashelle Briscoe, MVHS

What are your post-graduate plans (i.e., college, workforce, etc.)?
My post-graduate plan for college is I’ll be attending Monroe College for two years studying criminal justice and get my master’s and bachelor’s degrees to become a police officer.

Which Mount Vernon school teacher has influenced you the most, and why?
Mr. Sgobbo was the teacher that influenced me most and to stay atop of my game. He asked me what I wanted to become. I told him that I wanted to become a police officer because I fear them. Not only that but I see myself as a good police officer. His response was “That’s an excellent choice. You spend money to get there, you gain money when you reach there.” He always taught me how to manage money as to (401k), saving, investing and stay at your parents’ house during college so that you could save some time and money planning for your future. I really admire him because he’s down to earth and he’s someone who you could talk to.

What is your favorite memory from your senior year?
As you could see my senior year didn’t go as planned because of the pandemic crisis. I don’t really have a favorite memory, but I can say being on the honor roll climbing into the high honor roll was a memorable moment.

If you could tell your freshman self-one thing, what would it be?
If I could tell my freshman self one thing, I’d tell myself I shouldn’t have been with the friends that I met at first, causing my grades to fall and all the bad influence causing me to not focus on school.

How would you describe the Class of 2020?
I would describe the Class of 2020 as “OKAY” because I didn’t get to enjoy it, graduate in the proper way, and couldn’t get to go to prom. All of this seems unfair, but everything happens for a reason, I guess.