Jaenika Boucicaut, MVHS



Degrees and Certifications:

Jaenika Boucicaut, MVHS

What are your post-graduate plans (i.e., college, workforce, etc.)?
My plans are to attend WCC for two successful years, then I’ll transfer to Buffalo State and finish studying to be a pediatric nurse.

Which Mount Vernon schoolteacher has influenced you the most, and why?
Mrs. Sherad has Influenced me because she is very helpful, encouraging and she loves her school students like we’re her own.

What is your favorite memory from your senior year?
My favorite memory of high school is being able to say I’m a senior and this is my last year in high school.

If you could tell your freshman self-one thing, what would it be?
Never follow others to fit in.

How would you describe the Class of 2020?
The Class of 2020 is VERY outspoken.