Grading Procedures During the Pandemic

  • Grading Procedures During the Pandemic

    Grading Philosophy Big Idea:

    Make sure that students are NOT impacted negatively during this shift to digital/virtual learning during the time we are out of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic

    Guiding principles:

    • Grading should be based on a combination of work completed already during the 3rdmarking period and new work assigned since March 16th.
    • Grading percentage shifts should occur due to the changing nature of assignments such as discussion participation and consumption of video
    • Social and emotional learning, as well as circumstances beyond our control, must be taken into consideration due to the conditions of living that our staff and students are going through at this

    Grades Pre-K-8:

    • Teachers should be posting work and assignments in folders as per
    • Teachers should be providing feedback and interacting with their students through different modalities determined by the teacher and in conjunction with building and district administration
    • Records should be kept by teachers on completion and participation in the work assigned (Pass / Fail / Incomplete).
    • Flexibility must be given to late work submitted by students
    • Students that do not have access to digital learning, were or will be given packets of Students should be marked incomplete unless they find a way to submit this work before we come back to school (Pictures, sending to staff….)

    Grades 8 Regents and Spanish classes (Algebra, Spanish, Living Environment)

    • For these classes only, guidelines for grades 9-12 below will apply
    • 8th-grade students that fail Algebra, Spanish or Living Environment will be placed in the same course when entering High School during the 2020-2021 school year. Due to the nature of current learning conditions, summer school will NOT be available for these

    Grades 9-12:

    • Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the academic calendar and our ability to hold in-person classes, we are broadening the ability of students to select the pass / fail / incomplete grading option at the secondary level due to the impact of this change in learning. ASSUMING POSITIVE INTENT, a “Pass Grade” will be counted as an 80 in relation to coming up with a year-long
    • Since almost 50% of the 3rd marking period was already completed face-to-face, we will stay with numeric grades as per our grading policy. Teachers can adjust their percentages in their electronic grade book to include higher percentages based on participation (online discussions, projects…) and a combination of submission and completion of
    • Students that do not have access to our online platform will receive an incomplete for the marking period until we can get the packets of work back. We will reopen the window for teachers to adjust grades to a Pass
    • Any student, teacher, building administrator that feels that a student has been impacted by new learning conditions will receive a Pass / Fail / Incomplete option for the marking
    • Students, teachers, building administrators will have until the last week of classes in the marking period to make their decision, so it is best to wait until the student/teacher/administrator has a better idea of how they are doing in their
    • 4th Marking Period grades will be numeric and grading percentages may be adjusted by teachers depending on the new shift in content
    • Final exams will be waived for the year. Final Grades for GPA purposes will be calculated on only marking period


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