Summer Reading (PreK-7)

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,
    Please help keep our students engaged in meaningful learning activities during the summer recess.  Each year we raise the bar and our students continue to meet and exceed our expectations. The Superintendent’s Reading Challenge has been a huge success.  Students are reading more than ever and seeing the benefits of reading for pleasure.  Our community is so supportive of this initiative! Additionally, they have been supportive of District efforts to raise funds to provide our students with incentives. These community-wide efforts continue to reward students for their hard work.

    Summer is always a great opportunity to develop daily routines for pleasure reading.  It expands children’s experiences and gives them the chance to explore new adventures through books. Some people enjoy reading while soaking up the sun on vacation, while others find leisurely time daily to take an imaginary journey with their favorite characters. With this in mind, I am proud to present the 2019 Mount Vernon City School District Summer Reading Packet.  It is packed with an amazing literary journey to ensure a summer adventure!

    During our 2018-2019 academic school year, students were engaged in the daily practice of reading and writing to broaden their knowledge and enhance their literacy skills. This exposed them to a variety of literary works and an assortment of writing techniques.  This has proven to be an effective approach, as our student achievement evidence has been steadily improving. It is our District’s unyielding commitment to nurture our students’ innate desire of exploration so they may become life-long learners and thrive as productive citizens of the 21st century.

    While the main purpose is to foster a love of reading and prevent the “summer learning slide,” students will be asked to complete specific activities, due when they return to school in September.  The activity will be chosen by the teacher and will count as 20% of your student’s first quarter grade. To maintain the momentum created with the Superintendent’s Reading Challenge, we are providing a high-interest book for students to read over the summer.  In addition, all students in grades K-8 will have to complete 45 minutes of Math and ELA assignments, in the online iReady program, each week. Please see the login information on the attached flyer.  

    Your continued partnership with the school district will help your child to be actively engaged in preparing for the years ahead. I encourage you to review this packet with your child and explore the book(s) together.  Set aside 20 minutes a day. Only 20 minutes!  I guarantee you the impact will be immeasurable. This packet can also be found on our website at and at the Mount Vernon Public Library.  

    Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support of our summer reading initiative. Have a peaceful and restful summer.

    Yours for the sake of all children,

    Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton
    Superintendent of Schools

Summer Reading Assignments