Degrees and Certifications:

Shane Davanzo, 6th Grade Teacher, Traphagen Elementary School

Mr. Davanzo has been a teacher in the Mount Vernon City School District since 2013 when he was hired as a 6th grade teacher at Traphagen Elementary School. He has continued to serve Traphagen students in this role and will begin his sixth year as a Mount Vernon teacher this upcoming school year.

Mr. Davanzo teaches Academic Power Hour, an after-school program that runs from November to April. He is also Traphagen Elementary School’s Technology Link, a position that supports all teachers in the building with the constant demands and transience of technology. 

“I like to stress the idea of teaching my kids to be good people, not just good students,” said Mr. Davanzo. “I teach kids this mentality through experiences and allowing them to assist other classes and staff members throughout the building.”

“I trust that these experiences are building social skills, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills, among others,” he added. “If one of my kids can help a third grader create a new slide in PowerPoint and add content, he’s not only proving that he’s proficient in the technology himself but he can teach others. The third grader is learning through a personal experience and the sixth grader is gaining confidence in their own ability. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing another teacher commend one of my students for being so helpful and respectful.”

Mr. Davanzo received his bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from SUNY Cortland before completing his Master of Science for Teaching degree. Mr. Davanzo received a master’s degree in Childhood Education, Grades 1-6, from SUNY Cortland.