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  • Smart School Bond Application

    The district's current plan for utilization of the Smart School Bond includes the following:

    • Providing data and security wiring for MVHS, former NMHS site and STEAM academy
    • Providng security, intercom  and public address systems for MVHS, former NMHS site and STEAM academy
    • Providing a new intrusion detection security system districtwide.

    The ammended version of the  Smart Schools Investment plan  can be found here:

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Technology Plans

  • The current technology plan that was approved by NYS can be Found Here



    The district's plan for technology is reflective of part of a larger district design as reflected in the 20/20 vision.  

    1. Establish a 1:1 personalized learning environment in the district's newly established STEAM School.

    1. Conduct a needs assessment with relative stakeholders.
    2. Design an instructional technology framework to support the objectives for the building based on the district strategic plan.
    3. Design an infrastructure to support 1:1 
    4. Design and implement technology solutions  for classroom, shared spaces, and office spaces including  active learning space
    5. Procure hardware and software based on program needs
    6. Develop and implement a professional development plan to support technology use in the classroom.

    2. Design and upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the district's instructional needs based on the district strategic plan

    1. Research and adopt cloud based strategy components for user files and student instructional resources. 
    2. Upgrade our existing wireless system to 802.11 AC2  in all buildings with appropriate switch and related equipment procurement.
    3. Rewire selected buildings based on construction schedule and funding allocations.
    4. Increase overall internet connection speeds by replacing ISP line with a dedicated 10Gb fiber line.

     3. Promote the use of instructional resources in and outside of the school day.

    1. Implement a Learning Management System 
    2. Develop single sign on access for instructional systems 
    3. Migrate instructional software to cloud base solutions. 
    4. Provide devices and infrastructure to support use. 
    5. Provide professional development through after school, PLC and coaching based support.  
    6. Provide free access to cell phones with Data plans to high school students who do not have access. 

     4. Upgrade the district physical security systems in select buildings.

    1. Develop and adopt security requirements
    2. Conduct an assessment of current status
    3. Establish a standard technology platform  and develop an implementation plan
    4. Rewire  buildings according to plan
    5. Purchase and install necessary hardware/software according to plan
    6. Conduct necessary operational  training as needed.