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    Milestone 6 - Ensure all youth remain safe from violent crime and have a second chance.

    Boys and young men of color in Mount Vernon are more likely to be involved in violent crime as a victim, perpetrator, or witness than other groups. This results in a cascade of negative effects on their well-being and on the well-being of their families and community.

    These disparities, both the impact and use of violence, present a clear challenge for Mount Vernon.


    • Reduce the number of boys and young men of color who commit or are victims of violent crimes 

    • Integrate positive youth development strategies to reduce violence


    • Rate of youth suspended from school 

    • Percentage of children with chronic absenteeism 

    • Reduce the number of juvenile arrests and recidivism 


    • Increase positive connections with trusted adults both in school and in the community 

    • Promote positive alternatives to out-of-school suspensions by including restorative justice approaches 

    • Build stronger community relationships with law enforcement to include police and probation departments 

    • Increase parental supports and services including family counseling, behavioral management, and social and emotional support services 

    • Expand the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau Step Up Program 

    • Work with the city government to reestablish the presence of School Resource Officers (SROs) in the school buildings