• MBK logo page with a picture of young man at work desk reviewing architectural plans of a building Milestone 5 - Ensure all youth out of school are employed.

    The number of youth who are not in school or working has significant and long-lasting negative effects on the broader society.

    Ensuring youth are gainfully employed decreases the likelihood of their involvement in the criminal justice system.


    • Prepare all students to become self-sufficient, including students with special needs


    • Increase job opportunities for youth who are eligible and interested in obtaining employment 

    • Establish a partnership with the City of Mount Vernon to increase the number of youth training and job opportunities 

    • Enhance the relationship between the City of Mount Vernon Youth Bureau and the business community 


    • MBK will co-sponsor job fairs with Westchester County One Stop 

    • Assess the number of training and job placements gained through the City of Mount Vernon and local businesses annually 

    • Work with Westchester Putnam Workforce Development Board and One Stop to increase the number of students placed in apprenticeships and internships 

    • Increase the number of entrepreneurship academies through the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau 

    • Leverage non-profit provider occupational skills programs offered through Westhab, Westcop, and other non-profit organizations