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    Milestone 4 - Ensure all youth complete post-secondary education or training.

    Current trends indicate the United States will have a shortage of workers for jobs that require a college degree or higher.

    Given the importance of a college education in today’s labor market, Mount Vernon residents must pursue and complete post-secondary education or job training at higher rates.


    • Increase the number of students entering post-secondary school or vocational training 

    • Reduce the number of students required to take remedial classes in college 

    • Increase student ability to complete the college application process 

    • Educate parents on their role in supporting the post-secondary application process 


    • Enhance workshops on the college application process, beginning in 6th grade 

    • Present a roadmap for all students on achieving graduation requirements and post-secondary training 

    • Provide Implicit Bias training for all staff in the MVCSD 

    • Implement a culturally responsive curriculum 

    • Provide substance abuse treatment options 

    • Evaluate data to assess students’ readiness for college and provide support 

    • Continue monthly Youth Talk Series