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    Milestone 3 - Ensure all youth graduate from high school.

    While it is important for us to recognize Mount Vernon’s success in increasing the graduation rates, it is critical to ensure that all youth graduate from high school. We must close the achievement and opportunity gaps to meet the demands of local and national employers.


    • Increase high school graduation rate by 20% by the year 2020


    • Reduce chronic absenteeism rate 

    • Implement conflict resolution, meditation, and restorative justice programs in the high schools to reduce suspension, detention, and expulsion rates 

    • Annually review the code of conduct for MVCSD and hold administrators responsible for implementation 

    • Reduction of dropout rates 

    • Increase community and student participation in curriculum selection and implementation 

    • Provide interventions for students who exhibit attributes connected to underemployment 


    • Ongoing progress monitoring of the Naviance Program 

    • Increase student expectations in respect to their goals of graduation 

    • Increase the availability of social and emotional support for students 

    • Increase mutual respectability scale to improve safety 

    • Develop sustained and direct mentoring relationships 

    • Increase civic education and engagement as a condition of graduation 

    • Maintain the momentum in turning around the lowest performing schools