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    Milestone 2 - Ensure all children read at grade level by third grade.


    Children who are able to read at or above grade level by 3rd grade are set on a path to greater academic success and positive outcomes.

    Mount Vernon faces a challenge wherein, based on the NYS ELA exam grades 3-8, a significant number of students are reading below grade level.


    • Increase percentage of students reading at or above grade level by grade three 

    • Increase the number of students of color proficient in reading and math 

    • Decrease chronic absenteeism 

    • Eliminate out-of-school suspension 


    • Increase recruitment of professional staff of color 

    • Increase diversity across the district 

    • Implement a family review process for teacher or service delivery 

    • Identify and train men of color from community organizations to engage students individually and in group settings to provide guidance and support 

    • Initiate a culturally relevant curriculum to be implemented in all classrooms 

    • Implement the Big Reads Program community-wide to encourage the love of reading 

    • Conduct trauma-informed and culturally responsive workshops to aid teachers and parents in handling at-risk and special needs students 

    • Evaluate programs that help students realize their potential by building cultural awareness, self- esteem, and racial identity 

    • Review state and local evaluation of all special education programs 

    • Increase awareness for parents on the Special Education Regulations 

    • Increase the ability of students to write creatively