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    Message from ...Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton

    Superintendent of Schools

    Mount Vernon City School District

    Dear Friends,

    Just over one year ago, the Mount Vernon City School District joined forces with the City of Mount Vernon to accept the My Brother’s Keeper Challenge. Under 44th President Obama’s vision, MBK was designed to help ensure that young men of color have access to opportunities and mentoring that will enrich their experiences, improve their standard of living and enhance their overall quality of life.

    Our school district whole-heartedly accepted this challenge. We did so because I have personally witnessed the ravages of illiteracy and the conditions of poverty that plague communities like Mount Vernon. I know, all too well, how important it is to reach the most vulnerable members of our community as early as possible. The longer we prolong appropriate interventions the harder it will be to reverse patterns that lead to miseducation and underemployment of men of color.

    MBK is an endeavor that allows our schools and our city to collaborate to meet the needs of all students and the greater Mount Vernon Community. We have successfully engaged with numerous community organizations and other MBK programs across Westchester to identify and replicate systems and programs that were most effective at achieving our goals.

    It is my sincerest hope that our community, elected officials, parents, students and stakeholders will continue to embrace the MBK Challenge and the ideals it represents. These tenants have longed played a critical role in the success of communities like Mount Vernon. In the current climate, both here and around the globe, programs like MBK will play an even greater role in stabilizing communities, uniting people for the common good and, most importantly, providing for the highest aspirations and hopes for a generation of future leaders. Now, more than ever before, our community, and indeed, our nation are in need of a new crop of leaders who will move progressively toward openness, tolerance and hope. MBK points us toward that preferred end.

    Yours for the sake of all children,

    Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton

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