The District’s 20/20 Vision Bond is addressing improvements at all Mount Vernon schools!

  • These are the groups responsible for 20/20 Vision Bond oversight:

    Mount Vernon City School District  (Internal)

    The Mount Vernon City School District, through the Board of Education, Facilities Committee, and administrative staff, including the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent for Business and the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds exercise final say and authority over any and ALL decisions and recommendations on building projects for the 2016 Bond. 
    Oversight of projects is delegated to entities with specialized construction and engineering skills and experience to ensure work is done according to approved specifications and contracts.  

    State Education Departments (State)

    All projects related to the bond must receive approval from the New York State Education Facilities Planning Department, prior to any work beginning. Additionally the New York State Education State Aid Department must review and approve to ensure projects meet standards to receive maximum aid.
    Architect (Peter Gisolfi & Associates) (External)
    The architects create these documents after extensive consultation with the district’s stakeholders, including the Board of Education Facilities Committee, district administration, building administrators, teachers and staff (as necessary). This communication is held through various means including bi-weekly bond design meetings, bi-weekly capital projects meetings, project sub-committee meetings all of which include Architect, district administration, construction managers and representatives from the community.
    The architect is then responsible for designing and submitting specifications based on the aforementioned committees for all bond related projects to NYSED for approval.
    Construction Management Firm (Savin Engineers P.C.) (External)

    The district has engaged a professional construction management firm consisting of 12 individuals, including two registered architects, to oversee the coordination and completion of construction related to the 2016 bond. In this role they work closely with all entities, including the architect to ensure the viability of the design, cost and implementation timeframe for prescribed work. This includes the preconstruction, secondary review of all drawings, reconciliation of budgeted monies to estimated costs and coordination of projects to ensure efficiency and eliminate duplication of work. During the construction process they provide day-to-day onsite oversight on all work in progress. This includes all coordination and communication between all contractors, impacted building administration, district administration and the architects. Weekly meetings are held to ensure work is being completed based on approved specifications, on time, and on budget.
    As an additional level of support and oversight, Savin has provided the district with a facility planner (onsite 3-4 days a week) to coordinate all construction projects (bond & capital reserve) accounting, including coordinating NYSED filings while ensuring we receive the maximum SED cost allowance reimbursement on all construction projects.
    Additional Oversight

    The district’s internal auditor (Tobin & Company) and external auditor (PFK O’Connor Davies) also provide a level of oversight as they routinely review ALL district financial transactions for compliance with Board of Education policy, state guidelines and general municipal accounting procedures.
    As an additional level of oversight, should differences arise between recommendations from the architect and/or construction management team, the district may consult with NYSED Facilities Planning Architects/Engineers or consult with specialized third party professionals.

2016 Bond Oversight Informational flier