Pool Renovation Status Update (September 2017)

  • PHASE 1

    New Pool Filtration System and Related Work

    • Removal & replacement of the existing pool filtration equipment, inclusive of new main drains within the pool.
    • Repairs of cracks within the existing pool surface tiles & mud-set.
    • Removal & replacement of the overhead pool lights with LED fixtures.
    • Provide & install new pool cover system for safety & energy efficiency.
    • Repairs to the existing concrete surfaces within the existing Basement tunnels serving the pool.
    • Upgrades to the pool deck areas for the pool to be utilized for competition purposes.
    • Provide & install pool lane timer system suitable for competition use.
    • Paint underside of ceiling structure & provide additional ceiling panels to complete enclosure.
    • Work included electrical upgrades to support the new filtration equipment.
    • Scope provides the District with a pool that meets current Department of Health requirements.

    When water was placed within the pool there was excessive leaking due to the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water. It was calculated that approximately 10,000 gallons of water was being lost each day. Time & effort was dedicated to resolving the issue with the determination that the extent of the failure of the existing concrete shell supporting the mud-set & tiles was compromised way beyond the ability to repair it, especially in the deep end. It was then decided that the deep end concrete shell should be completely removed & expose the grade.

    PHASE 2

    Removal of Pool Tile

    • Removal of all tiles on the floor & walls up to just below the gutter edge, this included the mud-set as well as the structural slab within the deep end of the pool. The new main drain structures installed during Phase 1 remained in place to be reused.

    PHASE 2A

    Pool Concrete Repair and Finish

    • During the bidding process it was decided that one of the ways to limit joint lines between new & existing as well as bypassing the layering of coatings in order to build-up & match the original surfaces & volume of the pool as mandated by the Department of Health, gunite/shotcrete (pneumatically-applied concrete) was included as an option for the shell work.
    • It was also determined that to ensure the best probability of having no future leaks that the shallow-end slab be removed & replaced with a new concrete shell that would allow for a monolithic application of concrete.
    • In addition, the entire pool floor area is to be reinforced with rebar in both directions creating a cage for additional support & rigidity of the new floor slab.
    • Lane markings & break line are to be done in tile while the remainder of the finished pool surface will be marble-dust plaster that is the standard in the industry.
    • Miscellaneous equipment is to be provided that will allow for swimming meets along with proper accessibility.