• Office 365 can be most directly accessed from https://portal.office.com/

    Office 365 offers Staff and students the opportunity to get up to 5 free instances of Microsoft office. - This includes, PCs, Macs, Tablets, etc.

    This way you can legally download the full Microsoft office suite on your personal equiopment.

    To get your FREE Microsoft Office suite, staff or students can log on to Office 365 using their full district email and password and then clicking the download  button on the top right  of the screen.

    Pay attention to the prompts,  You may want to opt out of some of the settings including changing your search engine.

    After signing into Office 365, look for the install button which looks like the one below.

    Install office 365  






    The site links below  are for internal sites and access is limited by invitation only.


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