Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps

  • The Mount Vernon City Public Schools are committed to graduating students who are responsible and well-equipped 21st Century digital citizens ready to enter college and/or careers. Our comprehensive Scope and Sequence (PK – Grade 12) emphasizes reading, writing, speaking, problem solving and critical thinking.

    Our curriculum which is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and NYS content learning standards is organized by grade level to provide a coherent and rigorous structure which builds upon and scaffolds skills that students need to know as they progress in their academic career.

    Our goal is to provide rigorous, high-quality curricula and instructional materials to all schools within our district and ensure student engagement and achievement. School leaders and teachers are expected to use the instructional materials and programs provided by the district to prepare lesson plan adaptations to best meet their students’ needs according to student performance data.

    In English Language Arts (ELA), our students are provided with fiction and non-fiction texts to teach them to become proficient readers, speakers and writers. There is an emphasis on teaching strategies on reading, writing and discussions citing text-based evidence, note-taking and writing.

    In Mathematics, students are taught to have a grasp of numerical concepts, fluency and procedural skills. Math can be found in everyday life and we encourage students to see and make connections problems inside and outside the math classroom.

    In Science, classrooms, critical thinking, reasoning, observations, experiments and data analysis are emphasized to prepare students to college and careers. Teachers incorporate other disciplines such as mathematics and English Language Arts through reading, writing, discussion, note-taking as part of learning Science.

    In Social Studies, Essential Questions are used as part of the units to unify themes and big ideas of history, geography, economics, civics, citizenship and government. Teachers incorporate reading and writing in social studies classes to help students ground reading, writing, discussion and marking text to find evidence from text. As part of the curriculum across grades and subjects, we recognize the unique contributions of diverse groups and perspectives in our Social Studies and Literacy units through Essential Questions as an entry point for discussion, inquiry and project –based learning. We take pride in incorporating diverse perspectives and cultures to reflect our demographics and making connections to our contemporary 21st Century global community.

    As part of our district’s 20/20 plan, we have embraced STEAM which is an acronym for the five disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.
    Our STEAM education involves the study of science and mathematics, and the meaningful integration of the arts, technology and engineering to offer students opportunities for engaging problem solving. The integration and connection through STEAM allows students to see their role in the digital world while embracing diverse perspectives. For information, please click on the STEAM link,

    As a district, many of our schools have adopted Advancement Via Individual Determination or AVID. The AVID College Readiness System works to ensure students are college-ready by equipping them with the skills, academic behaviors, and college knowledge necessary to succeed at every level from elementary school to college.

    For more information on AVID, click on the link,

Teacher Resources

  • Lesson Plan Template

    The templates provide resources for teachers as they plan daily for their classes.  This ground-breaking work was done in collaboration of the Mount Vernon City School District, the Mount Vernon Federation of Teachers and the Lesson Plan Committee members. Teachers should review the optional templates and utilize as it best meets the instructional needs of our students.

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