Important Information: Portal Access from Home and How to get Microsoft Office for Free

  • Please use the Chrome browser for all instructional programs.  Many programs will not work with other browsersChrome Browser

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  • Many programs have moved to the Mount Vernon Portal (MVP).  If you don't see your program link, please check the portal.

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  • How to Access Portal programs at Home- Iready, Plato,, Envision, etc.


    At home, a seperate log in is needed.  Students and teachers click through the portal including logging on through active directory. When prompted for a username and password, it is always the user's full email address and case sensitive password.


    If the user's computer log name is: 2345 with the password Ws1203 they would log on with as their username. 


    Note, for portal access, usernames that include letters should all be in lower case. This does not apply to students who have only numeric user names.


    The email address is always the log in name followed by 

    Student passwords need to include the first letter capitized and the rest in lower case.

    Staff passwords are also case sensitive as set by staff.


    Students can  log on  to access Office 365 which contains, along with other programs, the student's email account ( Grade 3 and up)  using their email address and password.

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  • How to use Portals for Iready, EnVision and other Portal programs

    Portal are used to provide access to a number of programs without students having to log in multiple times.  At School students just click through the portals until they get to their program without the need to sign in at all.  By signing into the computer the student has already signed in once and the credentials are passed on to the instructional program.  

    For many of these portals, students will need to click again for their program.


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  • How to get up to 5 free instances of Microsoft Office

    Anyone with an Office 365 account through the district can log on and download the full Microsoft Office bundle for free up to 5 times.

    This includes Windows and Mac computers, as well as tablets and phones.

    Teachers, Students, and other staff members can get Microsoft Office 

    for free through Office 365. Just log in and download.

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