• Connect to Naviance

    Greetings all,

    I know that many have questions about this very important tool for our students college application process.  Here are some tips that should make navigating the site a little easier:

    I.                    SIGNING IN

    Go to Naviance.com and click “SIGN IN” THEN “School & District Staff”

    Account: mtvernon (no spaces and not case sensitive)

    Username: First Initial and Last Name (just like your email address)
    (no spaces and not case sensitive)

    II.                  PREPARATION

    -Type your letter of recommendation on school letter head and save it to your documents.  Letterhead link is below. 

    MVHS Letterhead

    (Its ok if the electronic version is unsigned or signed in a cursive font with a standard printed font underneath, e.g.         

    Ms. Peggy Williams

    -Please make sure to also submit a signed, hard copy to the School Counselor of the student your recommending. You may also chose to scan and upload your signed copy as a PDF.

    -Ask students that you agree to recommend to request you  on Naviance so that you may upload their recommendation directly to the site.  You will receive an email once that’s done.


    -Click on “Teacher Recommendations”, underneath the Naviance title bar on the page.  You should see a list of students that are requesting recommendations letters from you.

    -Click on “Prepare Forms” for each student and follow the prompts to upload from your documents the letter you’ve prepared.

    If the student used common app to apply, there are additional forms that must be completed in addition to the letter of recommendation that you will upload.

    If you have any additional questions regarding this process, please feel free to stop by room 186 or send me an email and I will do my best to help.