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  •  African American History & Culture

    Howard University
    National American Museum of History & Culture
    According to Melissa Wildman “I wish I could stay in this museum forever.” This is a clear depiction of the experience at the National African American Museum of History and Culture. On Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 a group of 77 students from both Thornton & Mandela High School had the opportunity to go to Washington DC and tour NAAMHC & Howard University. Having the opportunity to experience firsthand the culture and climate of a prestigious Historically Black University this brought on inspiration to pursue a post-secondary educational plan. The museum allowed students to relate current events to history and it brought on discussion on how they could be empowered to combat todays stereotypes and institutionalized mindset. Amongst all, this was a very powerful trip thus far.

    THS In Good Standing


    We are very proud to announce that Nellie Thornton High School (NTHS) has successfully gone through a school improvement process that has promoted them out of focus status into “Schools in Good Standing” by the NYSED Office of Accountability.  We are ecstatic about the news and equally proud of Mrs. Sharon Bradley, principal of NTHS, along with her teachers, students, and parents.  In conjunction with this truly collaborative effort, we will continue to work hard and develop strategies that will keep us in this upward trajectory for years to come.

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