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Graham Stars Announcement

  • Welcome Mr. Raimondi!

    Mr. Raimondi joined our staff as Assistant Principal this September!  He is a great addition to our Graham School family.


    Dr. Mapp and Scholastic’Family Engagement Workshop Series #1

    “Connecting families to the learning that takes place in the classroom is an important condition of building partnership.  Parents want to understand what it is their child will be learning in the coming year and will look to you to share information and advice on how to partner to ensure their child’s success.

    --Karen Mapp, Ilene Carver, and Jessica Lander,

    Powerful Partnerships: A Teacher’s Guide to Engaging Families for Student success.

    Graham School’s Parent Engagement committee is excited and dedicated to apply the best practices of the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships.  The committee attended the first of three workshops: Redesigning Family Engagement, Designing Family Engagement Activities, and Engaging Families in Learning Throughout the School.

     School Uniforms

    All students, Pre-K-8 are excited and proud to be wearing their new school uniforms!!!  We are almost at 100%!

    Meet and Greet

    Graham School welcomed all new and existing families during Meet and Greet this year.  The staff was introduced to the families as well as our new School Resource Officer (SRO) that will be assigned to Graham as part of the district’s new outreach program.  

    Parents visited their children’s classrooms as well as toured the new playground facilities. 

     Take Your Dad to School Day

    Take Your Dad to School Day was extremely successful!!  The students were very proud to share the day with their dad’s, grandfather’s and uncles.  The families spent time in the classroom, visited the book fair, and also enjoyed time on our new playground.

    AVID Kickoff

    Graham’s AVID program had a successful kick off.  The students came together to watch a video of the positive impact AVID has on students to help encourage and motivate the children for a successful school year. Superintendent’s Reading Challenge Kickoff

    Joanne Colisto’s rodeo themed Superintendent’s Reading Challenge got all students excited and ready to READ!!!  Thank you Superintendnet Hamilton for speaking to our children about the importance of reading…….

    We are ready for the challenge!!!

    PBIS Kickoff

    Graham has already seen success’s in our PBIS program.   Students and teachers alike look forward to getting “shout outs” as well as having their pictures displayed.

    Veteran’s Day

    In celebration of Veteran’s Day, military veteran, Alex Long visited the Pre-K students.    The classes discussed the meaning of Veteran’s Day and what a hero is!

    Thank you Alex Long for your service to our country!  

    Pre- K

    The Pre-K classes have been very busy settling in to their routines as well as experiencing many new things! Mrs. Paccetti, Mrs. Slayton, Ms. Amoreno, Mrs. Manna, Ms. Ceglio, Mrs. Montgomery, Ms. Singleton, and Mrs. Ruberto’s classes enjoyed having Dr. McGregor kick off the Superintendent’s Reading Challenge by reading a story for Pre-K’s new curriculum, DIG.  The classes also had their first successful trip to the apple orchard.  In addition, the Mt. Vernon Fire Department visited the Pre-K during Fire Safety month.  The Pre-K classes also enjoyed participating in a Halloween Parade!

    The Pre-K classes have been successfully implementing the new curriculum, DIG (Develop. Inspire. Grow).  The program offers active, meaningful instruction with explicit oral language development, differentiation built into every lesson, integrates science and social studies themes, inquiry-based learning, health and safety, and social emotional skills.   

    The Pre-k students were also assessed with the Circle Progress Monitoring System. This assessment provides a snapshot of student skill levels at the individual, group, and class levels. Student grouping features and links to recommended activities automatically provide the teacher with the first steps in beginning small group instruction that targets specific skill areas.

    Welcome Mrs. Saeed’s 

    Kindergarten Special Education Class! 

    Mrs. Saeed’s kindergarten class had a wonderful time at the apple orchard!

    They especially loved picking their own apples and going on a hay ride!




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