• Greetings All,

    The Performing and Visual Arts Magnet Program becomes a secondary school in 2017 -2018 where we will serve students in grade 6-9.  Each subsequent year we will add a grade until capacity is reached with students in grades 6-12.  This is a major milestone for the school and the MVCSD.  We are grateful for the support we have received at our performances throughout the last two years.  We also appreciate and acknowledge Principal Alan Gonzalez for supporting our initial program at Grimes Elementary via our Summer Bridge Program 2015; Principal Brown for housing and supervising our program at BTMS in 2015-2016; and Principal Ron Gonzalez for allowing our program to nest at MVHS for this year and next year.  Our program would not exist if not for the support of those administrators. 

    We sincerely look forward to moving into Thornton High School in 2018-2019 where our enrollment will include 375 students in grades 6-10.  We are thrilled that we were able to create and nurture the Arts Magnet Program with the full support of our superintendent Dr. Hamilton, his cabinet and the Board of Trustees.  Thank you.

    On March 3rd and 4th we held auditions for students currently in grades 5-8 for 2017 -2018.  Those acceptance letters will be mailed to the student by the end of March.  We met a number of great students and parents who are interested in their child's journey in education via the arts.  Thank you to the many teachers who assisted the students with their auditions or wrote letters of recommendation, or even attended the audition with the child and their parents. 

    The objective of the Mount Vernon Performing and Visual Arts Magnet School is to provide an educational experience for children passionate about an art discipline.  We utilize this passion as a gateway for preparation in college or conservatory training.  We recognize that some of our students will pursue the arts and enter professional careers in the arts - continuing Mount Vernon's legacy of creating stars.  We also recognize that others will elect traditional majors and contribute to our society as doctors, lawyers, teachers and in other professions.  Either way, our goal includes educating the whole child and nurturing their self-esteem, confidence, and passion for learning.  We also endeavor to nurture future patrons of the arts.

    On March 23rd at 6:00 PM we will present our Spring Showcase at MVHS.  Please be our guest and join us in a celebration of Mount Vernon's renaissance of the arts.

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