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  • The Edwards Williams School is located in a culturally diverse section of Mount Vernon, New York. We offer an integrated curriculum that adheres to the high education standards of the New York State Department of Education. The classes encompass students from Pre-K through Grade Six. Our staff of over 60 is made of administrators, teachers, and specialists who are committed to meet the intellectual, academic, physical, cultural, social and emotional needs of our children. 

    Educating the whole child is the most important goal at Edward Williams Elementary School. Our staff includes a full time nurse, social worker, psychologist, speech therapist and school counselor. We also have two Reading Specialists who use the pull-out and push-in teaching system. Creative teaching strategies are used to incorporate the arts and the community into the lives of all our children. All of our 500 children are embraced daily regardless of their backgrounds or living conditions.

    In addition to classroom instruction, intervention instruction is offered in all the academic areas. Many proven academic programs are offered including, ICT, resource, and special education classes. Academic intervention service programs are also available.

    We boast of an after-school program that serves 150 of our students in Grades 1-6. The program is in collaboration with WJCS. We expect the best of our students and they give us so much in return.

     Dr. C Waterman

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