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Message From Dr. Hamilton

  • The 20/20 Vision Bond Refinement met voter approval by a staggering margin. With the bond refinement passing with 85% of the vote, the community has overwhelmingly signaled its approval and support of the work we have done, and more importantly, the work we plan to do. In just a few short years we have begun to undo years of stagnation and  in some areas regression . Many said it could not be done. I begged to differ. The staff here in Mount Vernon has shown itself to be dedicated and committed to academic excellence. Even greater,  is your desire to be part of this great transformation. It is wonderful to see so many people excited about the changes taking place and willing to push the limits to ensure a better future for our students and community. 

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the children of Mount Vernon. The successful passage of the 20/20 Vision Bond Refinement is a testament to the  trust and confidence that we have fostered in this community. The work we are doing and the progress that is being made will be our lasting legacy on this great city. We each have played a critical role in transforming our schools and improving the lives of our students.  As the Superintendent I am the recipient of accolades and acknowledgments for our progress.  However, I am not naïve enough to think that I am the sole reason we are moving along this continuum of improvement.  If not for your hard work, dedication and faith,  we would be stuck in the abyss that has plagued this community.  Thank you for making the shift and for being the real pioneers on the front lines.  
    The transformation continues…
    Yours for the sake of all children,
    Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton
    Superintendent of Schools


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