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Superintendent's Message

  • Dear Friends,

    As the summer days begin to grow shorter, the nights a bit longer and the temperatures begin to drop, ever so slightly; we are reminded that September is right around the corner.

    I hope that you have found this summer to be one rich in experiences and memories. I for one, was pleased to have spent an incredible two weeks overseas with my eldest son, Kenneth, Jr. , on an educational and spiritual journey through  Africa. This trip, probably the most culturally significant trip of my life, took me through the birthplaces of civilization. It created awareness for me of how fortunate we are to be living today in the United States. I toured schools that you would hardly recognize as schools; Primitive classrooms with nothing more than desks and a chalkboard.  A single classroom with some 50 children spanning from elementary school through high school.  Most students, traveling miles each way, do so because they know for certain, that the only way out of their impoverished communities is through education.  We then journeyed to Portugal where we visited the ancient city of Lisbon and hiked the mountainous paths to ancient Castles.

    I share this with you to highlight how fortunate we are here in Mount Vernon. Our challenges though great, are not insurmountable. We can overcome the greatest adversity through our tenacity, cooperation and patience. By working together we can continue the transformation of our schools and community and finally raise our children to unprecedented heights.  This is what the 20/20 Vision is all about; providing opportunities, raising standards and ensuring our students have access to the education necessary to graduate college and career ready.

    To that end, work on the 20/20 Vision implementation has continued in earnest over the last few months. Work is underway throughout the district, preparing our buildings for universal full day Pre-K. Building plans are being developed and reviewed, state education approvals are happening weekly, contracts awarded, and construction commencing are all signs that we are well on our way.

    Our Buildings & Grounds staff has worked diligently to ensure our buildings are clean and ready to accept students and staff come September.

    Our teachers and administrators have been busy developing curriculum and laying the foundation to ensure an academically successful and enriching year for all of our students.

    With just a few weeks left until opening day, I wish you a relaxing and fulfilling end to our summer break. I know how important these few months are to recharging our batteries in preparation for a new and exciting school year.

    I look forward to welcoming back our staff and students in September. I know the 2017-2018 school year will be filled with momentous occasions and great success.

    There is no better time to be a part of the Mount Vernon City School District, and I am excited to continue to lead our incredible staff and students through another academic year.


    See you soon,

    Yours for the sake of all children,



    Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton

    Superintendent of Schools

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