Superintendent's Message

Dear Neighbor,

The 2015-2016 academic year is off to an extraordinary start. From our college fair and college application week at Mount Vernon High School to the launch of the 2015-2016 Superintendent’s Reading Challenge, students across the district are highly engaged in the academic process. More importantly, they are making great strides in achieving the academic success needed that will allow them to compete with students not only from Mount Vernon and Westchester, but with students from throughout New York State and the nation. To that end, I am so proud of the work and dedication of our students and staff, our parents and our neighbors. I am humbled by your commitment and dedication to transforming OUR school system.

As our students and schools continue to improve, it will be necessary to redefine what Mount Vernon is and who we are. We will need to make investments to continue providing higher quality education and facilities for our students and community.  In this newsletter, you will get a glimpse of an ambitious Academic Vision for our schools. Developed in collaboration with our Board of Trustees we have a plan that redirects resources designed to improve the quality of our schools and address years of neglect that have caused our facilities to fall into disrepair. This plan provides for a brighter future for our students and community. This vision will ensure the transformation of Mount Vernon continues.

I look forward to sharing a plan with the community in the very near future that will restore our schools and create tremendous educational opportunities for ALL of our students.

In closing, I want to extend to you my warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year.

Yours for the sake of all children,

Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton
Superintendent of Schools